Why choose us ?

Why choose us ?

Our 10 most valuable strenghts .

Besides only buying directly from manufacturers, we also compare multiple price offers, in order to guarantee the best quality at the lowest prices in the market

Peace of mind: all goods produced in China are inspected by our own QC inspection team ensuring the requested quality. Nothing is left to chance. 

We have an unlimited range of products. Basically we can handle EVERY product request.

With over 20 years of experience, we are a reliable preferred supplier

of a constantly growing number of customers.

Customized OEM products are a daily routine for us, but, of course, we can also

deliver standard products (with or without personalization).

Proactivity: besides handling regular inquiries, we search the right product in function of your promotional campaign or event.  This allows you to save time & money.

Even for last minute urgent inquiries (delivery within a few days), we can offer very economical solutions. If necessary, we can arrange speed deliveries.

Personal service: from the first step to the final delivery, one contact person will be assisting you.

Easy communication and no waste of time 


If necessary, we are at your disposal 24/7. At every stage of a project, we offer maximum flexibility if needed (eg sending urgent quotes, making necessary amendments, etc .. even on weekends!).

Respect of delivery time: respecting the agreed delivery dates is our absolute priority.

We offer:

nlimited range of products

Guaranteed lowest price in the market.

Premium personal Service 7/7



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