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You wish to buy a specific product in order to benefit from the most attractive purchase prices in the market ? However, you do not have the right contacts, you are not familiar with international trade and you do not wish to take numerous risks ?

No problem : B&O International Connections NV is your perfect partner !

B&O International Connections is thé link between you and factories around the globe offering an integrated service:

Based on a briefing, we will search for the desired product  and provide you with a non beatable quotation as a result of their yearlong experience in comparing quality and prices. Additionally samples are provided if the clients requests to do so.

After order is confirmed, an approval sample will be produced. This sample fulfils all your requirements.

Only after the formal written approval of this sample by the client, the mass production will be started according to the approved sample.

B&O International Connections guarantees a permanent control during the production process (quality, timing, etc..

When production is finished, we organize a thorough inspection of the goods.  This inspection is carried out by an appointed professional inspection company and according to the international inspection rules and regulations.

After the goods have passed inspection, we organize the transport of the goods including preparation of all required documents & formalities

Upon arrival of the goods in Belgium, we organize the whole procedure of import customs and finally the delivery of the goods to the desired delivery address within the in order agreed timeframe.

Thanks to the integral door-to-door service of B&O International Connections, clients rest assured during the entire process from sourcing to final delivery: all relevant risks (currency exchange risk, price risk, quality risk, delivery term risk, financial risk) are for the account of B&O International Connections NV.

B&O International Connections can respond to any product demand thanks to the extensive data base of more than 10,000 foreign factories.

The requested product to be imported can be an existing item OR alternatively an entirely new product to be developed as per the specific requirements of the client. Further, we can also take care of the personalization of standard products.

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